Denise April

Company Manager

Rachel Denise April was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. In an attempt to go as far away from home without actually leaving NYC, she studied Theatrical Design and Stage Management at the City College of New York. She is also a freelance Stage Manager and has worked on several productions such as:  The Baby Monitor (Different Translation), The Hole (Zhailon Levingston), Neptune (Timothy DuWhite), The Genesis Plays (The In[heir]itance Project), Anaïs Nin Goes to Hell (MTWorks), Macbeth (of the Oppressed) (Fab Marquee Productions), The Fire This Time Festival (The Kraine Theater), and Sweet Sweet Spirit (MTWorks). Despite always identifying as a true neutral, she has recently become aware of chaotic neutral tendencies (with the occasional chaotic evil moment). http://racheldeniseapril.com