Hello my name is Idris Groves I’m 25 yrs old born in Brooklyn but raised in Long Island. I have a Beautiful baby girl by the name of Aria whose 4 yrs Old. My Parents are the ones who inspired me to start using my talent of dancing and acting. At and young age I was introduced to acting. I acted in my first play at the age of 8 and from there came along dancing. I’ve been dancing since age 9 when my father passed away from cancer. My mother wanted me to find an outlet instead of the streets so we towards dancing. I was awarded a 2 yr scholarship dancing at the age of 15. I’ve traveled for dancing and have met some pretty cool people along the way. 17 yrs of performing never gets old and now that I have a beautiful princess I wanna introduce her to a dream that she can make come true with nobody telling her she can’t make it