“[The In[HEIR]itance Project] provides a way for a community to reveal its soul through storytelling” –Charleston Post & Courier

“From all over the world, they met one evening, and saw in one another that they lived the same lives. They got the chance because artists wanted to let people tell their stories through living art.” – Omaha World Herald

Telling the Story

The Jewish Press | Oct 16, 2019

Telling the story of how so many different people came to call Omaha “home.”

The In[HEIR]itance Project isn’t playing around

Omaha Magazine | Aug 30, 2019

Art is many things to artists, art lovers, critics, and scholars. Two-dimensional art has its passive, observable beauty on the wall or on the pedestal, but the stage is the canvas of the living theater. The stage is where...

Making a Seance in Detroit

The Detroit Jewish News | Sep 20, 2018

We partnered with The Well for a dinner-party theatrical event inspired by the ancient Jewish ritual of Ushpizin which recalls ancestors for the harvest holiday.

HevriaCast interviews Jon Adam Ross

Hevria Magazine | May 29, 2018

Jon recently sat down with the Pop Chassid Elad Nehorai for a conversation about art, sacred text, and Childish Gambino. From HevriaCast: "Imagine a form of art that actually incorporates the audience, and that combines it all with the sacred texts of the world. This is exactly the kind of theater that Jon Adam Ross, founder of The In[heir]itance Project, has created. Hear about his vision, the power of diversity in creativity, and what sacred text even is in the latest HevriaCast episode." Listen here!

From Playhouse on the Square to New York: Memphian uses acting to engage communities

Memphis Commercial Appeal | May 27, 2018

Memphis' The Commercial Appeal profiles The In[heir]itance Project for a front page feature!

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