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By Marcia Horn Montgomery | Oct 20, 2017

It may sound like hype, but this year’s Selichot program will be different than anything you have ever seen before...

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By Emily K. Alhadeff | Feb 12, 2017

Twin sisters Alayne Sulkin and Andrea Wenet sit under the lights...

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By Adam Parker, The Post and Courier | May 7, 2016

When Jon Adam Ross presented the idea of producing a series of plays based on characters from the book of Genesis, plays with scripts informed by the experiences and ideas of...[ More ]

By Rebecca Leibowitz, Charleston Jewish Voice | Apr 25, 2016

Artists make an impact every day by sharing vision and bringing beauty into our world. Often, however, we only get to see the end product. Introducing The InHEIRitance...[ More ]

By Rebecca Leibowitz, Sight Line | Apr 25, 2016

On Wednesday evening, June 17, 2015, shots were heard in the heart of downtown Charleston, SC. Eight people were murdered at the historic Mother Emanuel A.M.E. Church; the...[ More ]

By H. Glenn Rosenkrantz, Jeducation World | Jan 25, 2016

Minneapolis, Jan. 19, 2016: For ten nights last month, Twin Cities residents got a glimpse of themselves through the prism of a fictional, hyperkinetic businessman reaching...[ More ]

By Arthur Dorman, Talkin' Broadway | Dec 31, 2015

"Jon Adam Ross is terrific in the part, ratcheting up his degree of anxiety and ruthlessness until he can take no more, then very convincingly breaking through to see the...[ More ]

By Rebecca Kanner, tcjewfolk.com | Dec 20, 2015

"The script and the set work together to create a sense of past and present colliding."

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