the Project


The inHEIRitance Project is five plays made with five communities over three years. Each play is inspired by the narrative of a matriarch or patriarch from the book of Genesis and devised from interactions with communities, opening up the creative process so the audience can participate and ultimately have a deeper connection to the performance and the biblical narratives that inspire the project. 




The process includes text study, workshops, and the collection of stories and insights from local Jews in each city. We also have an additional platform of engagement: this website! Here we will post art projects, which individuals, families, and groups can fulfill and submit to the site for inclusion online, and which will be exhibited alongside the theatrical performances in each city. 



Abraham | Twin Cities  

Premiered December 2015!

Rebecca | Charleston  

Research visit February 2016

Performances in June 2016

Jacob | Austin  

Research visit April 2016

Performances in November 2016

Rachel & Leah | Seattle 

Research visit September 2016

Performances in March 2017

Sarah | Kansas City 

Research visit Spring 2017

Performances in Fall 2017



Jon Adam Ross, Actor, Playwright

Chantal Pavageaux, Director

Zachary Humes, Production Designer

Mollie Andron, Education Director

Ariel Warmflash, Production Manager

Robyn Awend, Minneapolis Coordinator

Rebecca Leibowitz, Charleston Coordinator

Aliza Orent, Austin Coordinator

Darian Dauchan, Collaborating Artist

Ilana Trachtman, Collaborating Artist

Glenn Rosenkrantz, Publicist



Community Partners

Art Submissions

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