The Book of Exodus


If you had to give the Book of Exodus a new title, what would it be?


  • As a whole group, come up with a list of new titles for the Book of Exodus and write that list in a visible place.
  • Go through that list aloud once it’s made and ask if there’s any potential titles not mentioned
  • Pick one title from the finalized list and ask the group as a whole to come up with questions inspired by that title that will generate personal narratives (ex. If the title is “Book of She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain” a question could be “What are you waiting for?”)
  • Write the list of questions in a visible place
  • Break everyone up into smaller groups
  • Each group picks one of the new titles and comes up with a bunch of questions inspired by that title to generate personal narrative
  • Each group picks three finalist questions and votes on a favorite
  • The groups then come back to the large group to share what they came up with, first sharing their favorite question which goes up on the visible board/wall, and then sharing the other favorites (that may or may not go up on the visible board/wall)
  • Split everyone into partners and ask them to pick one of the new questions now up on the visible wall and answer it for each other (each partner must answer the same question). You may use a smartphone to record the audio of these conversations if the content will be used later for devising theater.



  • How did it feel to retitle the book?
  • How did retitling the book change your perspective on the book?
  • Did the stories you just heard/told relate back in any way to the original text, or could they? And if so, what’s the connection?


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