Genesis Chapter 29:16 - Chapter 30:25


  • Split participants into two groups. Assign one group the number one and the other group the number ten.
  • Ask the participants to walk around the room and embody their number. Tell the ones that their status is the lowest and the tens that their status is the highest.  
  • After a few minutes, change each groups number. Ask the ones to walk around as twos and then threes and so forth while asking the tens to walk as nines and then eights, etc. When each group reaches the number five, ask them to notice how they feel as five and how it seems that other people feel as five.
  • For the last few minutes, continue counting up and down. At the end, each group should have switched numbers.The original ones are now tens and the tens are ones.
  • Have everyone sit together and debrief. (Questions below)
  • Introduce a text that pits two characters against each other.
  • Ask the participants to assign each character a status number on a scale of one to ten. Have the students consider whether the status of the characters changes or remains the same. Have them consider which character has the higher status.
  • Replay the status walk as the characters in the text. Assign half the group to portray one of the characters and the other half, the other.
  • Have them pair up as ‘partners’ walking around each other as their status develops/changes along the lines of the text.


Debrief Questions:

  • How did it feel to be given a status?
  • Which number made you feel most comfortable and why?
  • How did your relationship with other people change as your status changed?
  • As your number changed, how did it change your relationship with yourself?


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