Do It

Over the past few years we have employed many tools of devising theater to generate material for performance. Led by educator Mollie Andron, we have transformed elements of our artistic process into lesson plans that are freely available here! Use them to devise your own art or to delve deeper into any sacred text. The curriculum is made to fit any text, and adaptable to most age groups. They can be applied a la carte as one off sessions, or as elements of a broader curriculum or artistic process. It is a searchable database, and please come back to this page often as there will be new lesson plans added on a regular basis!

Reframe Sisterhood

Art Project using glasses to explore perspective

Fill in the Blank

Sample Text: “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”

Red Rover

Sample Text: The New York State Constitution

Title Stories

Sample Prompt: If you had to give the Book of Exodus a new title, what would it be?

Sample Text: The Book of Exodus

How the Other Half Walks

Participants will experience both sides of status in this exercise that illuminates stories from the perspective of character relationships.

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