We think the latest Exodus project in Omaha is really special, but don’t take our word for it – take theirs! Here is a selection of responses from a reverend, a teenager and an artist that we met with during our last visit in January. Read below!

“I invited the In[heir]itance Project to Hanscom Park church because Jon and Ariel have the perfect combination of expertise and openness that draws people into deep conversations quickly. It was a great opportunity to give my congregation the chance to think critically and creatively about scripture, as well as put the scripture in conversation with our city’s cultural context. The experience did not disappoint. I walked out of the room better understanding the people who participated, having heard their stories and opinions about immigration, assimilation, and what it means to welcome newcomers into a community. We could have talked for hours…and I hope the conversation will continue in my church long after the project is done.”

Reverend Chris Jorgensen, Hanscom Park United Methodist Church


“On January 16, 2019 these amazing people came to my church. It was the most sensational experience I have ever had. They came to teach us about art. They showed us however we interpret something other people will always interpret it in a different way.  They showed us how things in the bible and things in the world we live in are all a lot a like. This was an unforgettable experience, I hope they will come back again. ”

Celena M., Youth Group member at St. Augustine of Cantubury Episcopal Church


“I am so grateful to know you all exist in the world. What an extraordinary, mindful, beautiful project you’ve built. I am over the moon that you are using your gifts in Omaha in 2019. What an honor for the communities and city. And thank you for preserving history and holding space for experience in such a meaningful way. I am already in awe of your team and I am so excited about what collaborations, connections, energy, and love will grow around your work. Thanks for being you!!”

Tessa Wedberg, Local Artist, Writer & Filmmaker