On October 15, 2019 we gathered a group of artists, scholars, and clergy to kick off our next Exodus project in Cincinnati! With a space generously provided by the JCC in Manhattan, we came together on a crisp Fall day to talk about the crossing of the red sea, the power of nature, and the hierarchies of people. Artist, Scholar  and friend of IP, Jan Cohen-Cruz joined us that morning and wrote a little about her experience with us that day!


Such a satisfying balance today, with the In[heir]itance Project, between collective and individual exploration of two verses of Exodus, part of the company’s preliminary study of that sacred text for work on the Underground Railroad they will be doing in Cincinnati. Reminded me that casting is central to any theatrical endeavor, but in this case it’s the casting of the participants of the exploration. We were neither too many nor too few, and diverse vis-à-vis at least age, race, gender, religion, and occupation. The participants were good listeners and insightful, each with their own font of knowledge and insight. The session was facilitated with a gentle but firm hand, and with each member of the company participating. In a brief 90 minutes, my understanding of this iconic text, that I’ve read at Pesach every year for over half a century, in one form or other, expanded, deepened, and became more nuanced. Thank you, and looking forward to more interaction with you all!

~Jan Cohen-Cruz